APD 2000 - Thin Films, Optical Properties, Nanomaterials


Influence of the electrochemical treatment on the magnetic properties of nanowires.

ARA 39th Conference Proceedings, http://www.americanromanianacademy.org/#!39-proceedings/cdaa  

George Tepes, Alecs Andrei Matei, Maria Diana Vranceanu, Cosmin Mihai Cotrut, Dionezie Bojin

Optical and thermal properties of azo derivatives of salicylic acid thin films. 

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Synthesis of silver-anchored polyaniline–chitosan magnetic nanocomposite: a smart system for catalysis.

RSC Adv.,2017,7,1855

Mohamad M. Ayadb, Wael A. Amer, Mohammed G. Kotpa, Islam M. Minisy, Ahmed F. Rehaba, Dušan Kopeckýc and Přemysl Fitlc

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Bipolar resistive switching and conduction mechanism of an Al/ZnO/Al-based memristor. 

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Othman, HA, Elkholy, HS, Hager, IZ

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Mostafa F. Abdelbar, Tarek A. Fayed, Talaat M. Meaz, El- Zeiny M. Ebeid

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M.A. Amer, T.M. Meaz, S.S. Attalah, A.I. Ghoneim

Cytotoxicity of Iron Oxide (Fe3O4) Nanoparticles with/without Microwave Radiation Exposure in RG2 Glioblastoma Cells.

J Nanomater Mol Nanotechnol 2016, 5:1

Meric Arda Esmekaya et al.

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G. Tepes, R. Vidu, C. M. Cotrut, M. D. Vranceanu, A. Matei, F. Miculescu, D. Bojin

Formation of RuO2 nanoparticles by thermal decomposition of Ru(NO)(NO3)3

Ceramics International, Volume 41, Issue 6, July 2015, Pages 7811-7815, ISSN 0272-8842,



Željka Petrović, Mira Ristić, Marijan Marciuš, Bogdan Sepiol, Herwig Peterlik, Mile Ivanda, Svetozar Musić

Spectral tunability of cerium photoluminescence in nano sized LaF3:Ce3+,

AIP Conference Proceedings 1665, 050024 (2015);

doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1063/1.4917665

T. K. Srinivasan, N. Suriyamurthy, A. A. Sukumar, B. S. Panigrahi and B. Venkatraman

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Željka Petrović, Mira Ristić, Svetozar Musić, Bogdan Sepiol, Herwig Peterlik

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Željka Petrović, Mira Ristić, Svetozar Musić, Martin Fabián