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Have a look to the new advanced functionalities of GNR Multi Purpose Diffractometer 



GNR will be present at the HK Heat Treatment Congress in Koln 

If you are interested in the Residual Austenite measurement and you operates in a laboratory or in a industry line, have a look at AreX features. You...

Available in our website, the GNR Application Notes and Scientific Publications section related to XRD solutions provided by GNR company during these...

GNR will be present at INNOPROM 2017 Ekaterineburg - Russia

 LP 200, the new automatic grinder machine by GNR 

New version of OES and X-Ray product catalogue

GNR is proud to announce the new GNR benchtop diffractometer with Theta/Theta goniometer. 

Europe 600 offers unique analytical capabilities that...

Horizon is the new Benchtop Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (TXRF) for multi elemental qualitative and quantitative analyses for...

GNR will be present at METALEX Vietnam in HoChiMinh City


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Verichek, new Distributor in USA and Canada

GNR is very glad to introduce Verichek as new distributor in USA and Canada. 

GNR Analytical Instruments today announced that Verichek Technical Services Inc. from 01st of October 2017 would act as new agent and distributor of GNR Optical Emission Spectrometer and X-Ray Diffractometers in industrial domain, in USA and Canada.

Attached the formal communcation.